What We Do

Estate Planning And Probate Services

Estate planning is about more than just drafting a will. It is also ensuring your loved ones and pets are taken care of the way you want them to be. It is about considering your legacy and what you are leaving behind. The Law Office of Angela Odensky offers essential estate planning documents such as:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Physician’s Directives
  • Guardianship Designations
  • HIPAA releases

As an additional, critical step in your estate planning, we will help you draft letters to the Executor, Guardians, and Trustees explaining your wishes and what will be required of them.

We also understand that settling an estate after the death of a loved one can be painful and intimidating. Probating and administering the estate is simply the procedure for making sure the will is valid, creditors are paid, and the assets are distributed to the beneficiaries. We are here to walk our clients through this process and take some of the burden off this already very stressful time.

Elder Care Services

Seventy percent (70%) of Americans over the age of sixty-five (65) will eventually need some type of long-term care[1] and Medicaid is the largest payer of long-term care services. Medicaid is a federally and state funded needs-based benefit that will provide for various types of long-term care depending on the state’s regulations.  Because Medicaid is needs-based, a person requiring long-term care has to meet certain criteria for income and assets in order to be eligible. Planning ahead for potential long-term care can remove the need to exhaust all your resources before you are able to access assistance with paying for long-term care.

We understand how intimidating the Medicaid process can be when you are already stressed or worried about a loved one. To help alleviate that stress, our firm offers the following services:

  • Assess Medicaid qualifications
  • Assistance with Medicaid applications
  • Asset Protection Plans
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Miller Trusts

No one wants to wade through bureaucratic red tape when they are in crisis. You can avoid the crisis altogether by planning early and preparing for the future. Or if there was no time to plan, we can assess your situation and provide counseling to help you and your family access the benefits you need now.

Special Needs Planning

Families that have members with disabilities need to do a little extra planning to make sure their loved ones will always be taken care. Special Needs Planning requires a team of people to evaluate your situation and create just the right plan for your family. An attorney, financial advisor, and care manager play integral roles in developing a solution that can help alleviate the stress of worrying for the future of a disabled family member. We work with financial advisors and care managers that can help your family prepare for the future.